Animal Pelt Tanning & Skull Bleaching in Winnipeg, MB

Telesky Taxidermist is your full service taxidermist in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, offering pelt tanning and skull bleaching services, professional mounting of antlers, and a variety of animal-themed novelties and accessories. We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs or to schedule a service appointment.



Telesky Taxidermist offers expert tanning of a wide variety of animal skins, including:

  • Badger

  • Marten & mink

  • Bears (black & brown)

  • Musk ox

  • Grizzly

  • Muskrat

  • Kodiak

  • Otter

  • Polar

  • Raccoon

  • Beaver

  • Weasel (ermine)

  • Cougar

  • Wolf

  • Coyote

  • Wolverine

  • Fisher

  • Fox

  • Hair seal

  • Lynx & bobcat

    Buckskin tanning is not available

    Due to the fact that hides and skins may be shipped to us in less than prime or poor condition, all tanning is done at owner's risk.


      • Arctic fox

      • Polar bears


      (Padded with velvet)

      • Deer

      • Caribou

      • Moose & elk

      Freeze drying available for caribou, deer & musk ox (prices depend on size; contact us for more information.)


        • Skulls (boil & bleach)

        • Oak wood base with Plexiglas┬« case


        Skin out the animal, removing as much fat and flesh as possible. If you are going to bring the animal to us within a day the head can be left unskinned, as we will skin and flesh it out here. After the hide is removed, apply large quantities of salt, especially to the claws and around the head. Keep cool if possible until ready to be shipped.


        Plug the nostrils, ears, eyes, mouth and any bullet holes with cotton or dry cloth. Try and avoid crushing of the wings or tail feathers. Keep the entire bird frozen until ready to be bought to us for mounting, or bring it in right away and we will freeze it here.

        Game Heads

        Dealing with game heads can be tricky! Be sure not to cut the throat of the animal, as this may show when mounted. Instead, cut up the back of the neck on antlered game, making a "V" to each of the antlers, and continue to skin out from there. For a full shoulder mount cut behind the front legs. Be sure to leave enough hide for proper mounting and display purpose.


        Please be sure that when shipping fish in for mounting, the belly is not cut. If a cut has to be made, make it along the side of the fish, as this will not show when it is mounted for display. Always ship fish frozen or packed in dry ice to assure that your trophy does not spoil. We prefer to receive fish unskinned, but if you are in a remote area where freezing facilities are not available you can skin the fish as follows:

        1. Lay the fish out on a piece of paper and take the measurement around the neck, girth, tail and total length.
        2. Cut the fish on the side only, and proceed to remove the skin from the fish.
        3. After the fish is skinned, rub salt into all the parts of the fish.
        4. Roll up the skin in paper, and send in for mounting as soon as possible


        For Shipping Direct

        All specimens should be carefully and properly labeled; please enclose a letter of instructions.

        For Return Shipping

        We ship out all specimens in a solid wood crate to insure that your trophy will arrive in perfect condition.

        Raw Fur: All skins or hides of fur-bearing animals or game animals must be accompanied by an export permit.

        Secure packaging is a must and the label should read, "Rush Perishables" and do request the courier service to phone when the shipment reaches its destination, as someone will be on call after hours.

        Important: Do not ship raw furs via parcel post; only skins that have been stretched and dried may be transported in this manner.

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