Animal Skin Rugs in the Winnipeg Area

Telesky Taxidermist can create heirloom quality animal skin rugs that are perfect for your wildlife décor. Whether you are a hunter, a collector, a sportsman or a nature lover you’ll love the appearance and utility of these impressive creations. Contact us for more information or to schedule service. 

Some of the animals we can fashion into rugs include:

  • Bobcat & lynx

  • Black bear

  • Badger & fox

  • Polar bear

  • Raccoon

  • Grizzly bear

  • Coyote

  • Musk ox

  • Wolverine

  • Seal

  • Cougar

  • Beaver

  • Wolf

*Tanning, foam padding and double felt trim are extra.

**Slight extra charge for specimens that require skinning, fleshing, salting and sewing.

Tips for Preserving Your Trophy

It is important to protect the animal skin from damage and decay so that your trophy looks as lifelike as possible. Here are some tips for preserving your trophy until it can be delivered to our shop:

Skin out the animal, removing as much fat and flesh as possible. If you are going to bring the animal within a day, the head can be left unskinned, as we will skin and flesh it out here. After the hide is removed apply large quantities of salt, especially to the claws and around the head. Keep cool if possible until ready to be shipped.


For Shipping Direct

All specimens should be carefully and properly labeled; please enclose a letter of instructions.

For Return Shipping

We ship out all specimens in a solid wood crate to insure that your trophy will arrive in perfect condition.

Raw Fur: All skins or hides of fur-bearing animals or game animals must be accompanied by an export permit.

Secure packaging is a must and the label should read, "Rush Perishables" and do request the courier service to phone when the shipment reaches its destination, as someone will be on call after hours.

Important: Do not ship raw furs via parcel post; only skins that have been stretched and dried may be transported in this manner.

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